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Streekmuseum Veldzicht
Veldzicht regional museum (streekmuseum) is located in the farmhouse named “Veldzicht” at Herenweg 114 in Noordwijk. This farmhouse was built in 1864 by Jacobus Hoogeveen, who was born at the farm named “Bouwlust” just opposit the street. At Veldzicht, the descendants of Jacobus Hoogeveen owned a so called ‘mixed farm’ as well as a flowerbulb business. The Hoogeveen family kept cows, pigs and chickens, but also cultivated hyacinths and other bulbs.

The last occupant of Veldzicht, Jaap Hoogeveen, died in February 2007. It was his wish that the farm Veldzicht would remain as an authentic element in the area of dunes and flowerbulb fields. Therefore the Veldzicht farm and farmlands were donated in a foundation. The summerhouse and stables were made available to the association “Genootschap Oud-Noordwijk” to be used as a museum.

Since 2009, Streekmuseum Veldzicht has been included in the official register of The Dutch Museum Foundation Register.

The address of the museum is:
Herenweg 114, 2201 AL, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


Herenweg 114
2201 AL Noordwijk
tel: 06 – 4220 4546

za. 10.30 tot 17.00 uur
zo. 14.00 tot 17.00 uur
na telefonische afspraak

volwassenen € 5,00 en kinderen € 2,50

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Archief Streekmuseum Veldzicht